Mike Nicholson


Mike Nicholson moved to Tucson from California in 1978, continuing his career in the automotive industry that he began when he was 18. After management jobs with some local companies, Mike teamed up with Ray Pisciotta to form BRAKEmax in 1997. He managed our first location for a few years before becoming General Manager in 1999. In 15 years, we’ve grown to 12 retail stores and a windshield division and we’re looking forward to more growth in the years ahead. As a partner in the business, Mike takes pride and a great deal of personal satisfaction in his relationships and friendships among vendors, employees and customers. When he’s not working, he enjoys sports, traveling and spending time with loved ones.

Phone Number:520-229-9380
Cell / Text:520-906-8005
Email Address:miken@brakemax.com