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Keepin’ it clean – all about wiper blades

Published on September 29, 2016 by

We are finally getting some consistent rain here in Tucson, and that means extra work for a car component that a lot of us don’t get to use much – the wiper blades.rain-x-latitude-wiper-blade-5

Time to replace them?

Wiper blades should be replaced if they are…
– Skipping (chattering across the windshield)
– Streaking (leaving marks when you use them)
– Squeaking (making a lot of noise!)

Why do wiper blades go bad?

There are a number of reasons that wiper blades go bad, like:
– UV rays and ozone deterioration dries out the rubber
– Oils used in car waxes can deteriorate the wiper rubber

– Particles like dust, sand and trees can damage the rubber

How to make them last?

– Clean your windshield regularly, like whenever you fill up.
– Wipe the blade gently with a moist towel to help remove debris or oils
– Avoid using wipers to de-ice your windshield. Using a scraper instead will help prolong the life of your wipers and help you burn a few calories, too.

Wipers are hugely important to keeping your windshield clear of debris and giving the driver a clear view of the road.  Take care of them – they might just help take care of you!

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