Fuel Injection Cleaning Service

Why Fuel Injectors Need To Be Cleaned

The fuel injector is the part of your engine that is responsible for spraying fuel into the combustion chamber for ignition by the spark plug. A dirty fuel injector does not spray the proper amount of fuel into the combustion chamber. Much like a hose that is clogged, this is inefficient. In the case of the fuel injector, improper spray can cause engine misfires, engine hesitation, and a rough idle. In some cases, it can also cause your engine to work harder than necessary and lead to premature engine failure or damage. A clogged fuel system can even damage other parts in your engine, so it’s important to have professional fuel injection service.

Our fuel injection cleaning service can improve both your fuel mileage and engine performance. Because a fuel injector, fuel pump, and filter are part of the overall system, we check every part of the system to ensure that fuel flows freely as it should.

Signs You May Need Fuel Injection Cleaning

A fuel injection system that’s operating properly helps your car or truck run better and be more fuel-efficient. When fuel injectors become clogged, you may notice one or more of these indicators:

  • Problems starting your vehicle
  • Poor idling
  • Poor engine performance
  • Increased consumption of fuel
  • Smoke coming from the tailpipe
  • Engine knocks
  • Engine doesn’t reach full RPM
  • Emissions test failure

Clogs aren’t the only problems that can occur with a fuel injection system. Fuel injectors may also develop leaks. Signs of a leak include fuel odors both inside and outside of the vehicle, difficulty starting the vehicle, and increased fuel consumption. Because a leak could lead to catastrophic engine failure due to oil thinning or hydro lock, it’s critical to have your vehicle’s fuel injection system inspected by a trained mechanic. 

If you see signs of problems that indicate a fuel injection issue, don’t wait to book an appointment at the BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers location nearest you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to 1990, carburetors were the heart of the system that got fuel to the engine, but they were inefficient and replaced by fuel injection systems. When you press the accelerator, a control unit calculates the proper air-to-fuel ratio, then the fuel injectors deliver the right mix of fuel and air to the combustion cylinders that power the engine. Unlike carburetors, fuel injectors are complex. They’re controlled by a computer that assesses air pressure, the vehicle’s speed, the engine temperature, and several other factors. 

Fuel injection cleaning service helps to remove deposits and the buildup of carbon from burning fuel that naturally occurs in the fuel injection system. As fuel injectors become clogged over time, your vehicle’s fuel economy will be reduced. You may also experience poor acceleration and overall reduced engine power.

Fuel injectors have a nozzle with very small openings to spray a fine mist of fuel into your engine, so even a small amount of deposited material or carbon buildup can compromise the performance of a fuel injection system. Although your fuel runs through a filter, there may still be particulates that make their way to the fuel injectors.

Because other engine parts have to work harder when your fuel injectors are clogged, fuel injection cleaning can prolong the life of your engine. Less wear and tear means less chance of a breakdown.

The carburetor systems of yesterday needed regular cleaning, but modern systems are much more efficient. You should check your owner’s manual for recommendations on when to have your fuel injection system cleaned, but most late-model vehicles shouldn’t need this service until approximately 60,000 miles. If, however, you notice signs such as poor engine performance, increased fuel consumption, rough idling, or trouble starting your vehicle, fuel injection cleaning may be in order. Keep in mind that if your regular driving habits are limited to short trips of 15 minutes or less or if you usually use lower-quality gasoline, your fuel injector may become clogged or dirty more quickly.

The mechanics at BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers will inspect your fuel injection system to determine if carbon buildup is the source of your car’s performance problems.

Technically, you can, if that shop offers the service. The issue, however, is that you may be “upsold” the service when you don’t really need it, and most drivers don’t know how to determine if they actually need fuel injection cleaning.

At BRAKEmax, we never try to sell you a service your vehicle doesn’t need. We also explain in detail everything our inspections find and provide a free quote. In addition, when you bring your vehicle to one of our service centers to have your fuel injection system checked, our factory-trained technicians can also spot other types of issues you may have with your engine.

A fuel injection service will improve your vehicle’s running condition and fuel consumption, but it’s not likely to resolve a “check engine light” problem. That light illuminates whenever one of your vehicle’s many sensors read values that are out of specification. If you have a “check engine” light on, make an appointment at BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers. We have electronic scan tools and diagnostic computers to retrieve the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) from dozens of sensors that can trigger a warning light. 

We don’t recommend it. The fuel injection service process taps directly into your vehicle’s vacuum lines to help attack the carbon buildup where it starts. In-tank cleaners can be somewhat helpful, but are very different from an injection service performed by the professional mechanics at BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers. We also recommend against attempting to take apart your fuel injection system, since the components of the system are easily damaged without the special tools, products, and experience needed to do the job right.

At BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers, we offer complete fuel injection cleaning service, including:

  • Valve cleaning: Some particulates can get past your fuel filter and cause an accumulation of residue on your engine valve seals.
  • Injector cleaning: The needles (or pintles) that deliver the fine mist spray can have deposits of hydrocarbons that clog them.
  • Throttle cleaning: Hydrocarbon buildup can also affect the throttle body.
  • Fuel additive: Putting concentrated fuel cleans and additives in your tank provides continuous injector cleaning, and removes excess moisture from all parts of the fuel system.

For more details on our fuel injector cleaning service, contact us at your nearest BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers location, or book your appointment for service today.

It doesn’t have to be! Check our coupons page for special discounts on fuel injection service and other BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers services. We’re also glad to provide a detailed estimate for fuel injection cleaning service before work starts. 

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