Power Steering & Fluid Flush Services

Eventually, all cars that are used regularly will develop some sort of power steering concern. Whether it is a leak from the pump, lines, or rack, or some other failure, these can be problematic and must be resolved quickly. If you suspect that there is an issue, contact us today about our power steering services.

Power Steering Service in Tucson Includes:

During the service, our Tucson auto mechanics will check the steering and suspension system for worn parts, leaks, and dirty fluid. After our auto experts inspect your car, they share the diagnosis with you and discuss your options. One of the most common diagnoses is that a vehicle needs a power steering fluid flush service.

Why Should I Change My Power Steering Fluid?

Your power steering fluid catches the shavings and debris produced by the natural breaking down of internal components. As a result, the fluid gets contaminated and forces the pump to work harder to force fluid through the system. Any component forced to work harder than it was designed for is bound to suffer from premature part failure. 

Watch this video to learn how the power steering system works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Power steering refers to the hydraulic pump and fluid which assist in generating the power necessary to turn the vehicle once you turn the steering wheel.  Without it, we would require much more effort to perform simple driving tasks like turning, especially at lower speeds.

A power steering pump is the driving force behind the steering system of your vehicle.  When we turn the steering wheel in our car, the power steering pump sends hydraulic fluid through  high-pressure lines to assist.  If the power steering system is not in place or is inoperative, steering requires a great deal more effort.

Some of the signs include: difficulty steering the vehicle (especially at lower speeds) and usually a groaning noise. A leaking rack & pinion or power steering hose/pump can cause fluid to leak out, which forces the system to work harder than it was designed to.

You may be experiencing the symptoms of low-power steering fluid – if the groan is noticeably louder than it used to be, you likely have a leak of some sort in your system.  Bring it to one of our conveniently-located neighborhood auto shops for a free visual inspection.  Some vehicles just have louder systems than others, but it’s best to be safe than sorry.

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