Car Battery Service in Tucson, AZ

Keep your vehicle in excellent shape with a car battery service from BRAKEmax. Your vehicle’s battery is vital to making sure the electrical components work properly. 

According to AAA Arizona, a battery in Arizona lasts, on average, 22 months. Due to severe heat conditions for most of the year, batteries and other components simply don’t last as long here as they might in other parts of the country.

Types of Car Battery Services

BRAKEmax offers a variety of services for your auto battery including:

  • Battery check – During this free service, technicians will measure the battery output and compare to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Battery maintenance – Arizona’s weather can do a number on your battery. To keep it healthy, we will clean the battery terminals and apply anti-corrosion protectant.

Battery replacement – If your battery is dead on arrival, we can remove the old one, properly dispose it and replace it with a high-quality battery.

High–Quality Batteries

BRAKEmax is proud to offer top-of-the-line ACDelco batteries. With a full (not pro-rated) warranty and quality craftsmanship, this battery is sure to last longer than its competitors.

The great warranty offered by ACDelco and BRAKEmax is doubly important in these harsh desert climates that will often cause premature failure. Watch the video below to learn more about ACDelco batteries.

Signs of Battery Failure

Unfortunately, many battery failures come without a great deal of warning. However, in some cases, you may experience a slow crank or no-crank condition when starting your car. Your vehicle may require a jumpstart, or some components in your car (like your stereo or lights) may not work properly. Another symptom to watch out for is corrosion on the battery terminals, which is usually a white or greenish buildup.

If your vehicle is displaying any of the signs above, your battery needs to be checked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most modern batteries are not serviceable, meaning they are not meant to be opened and filled like the batteries of the past.  In fact, lead-acid batteries contain hazardous acids which can burn the skin when contacted.

As is the case with many vehicle components, batteries are susceptible to damage due to both heat and excessive cold.  A vast majority of our battery business takes place either in the extreme heat or the extreme cold.

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