Steering & Suspension Services

The steering and suspension in your car ensures that your rides are smooth and comfortable. This system is key to making sure your vehicle does not bounce on the road and veer from side to side. It’s important to inspect and maintain all of the components of the system including shocks, struts, front end and chassis parts.

If you suspect that there is an issue with the steering and suspension, contact BRAKEmax today. We offer steering services at all of our locations.

Shocks and Struts: How Often Are They Used?

Shocks and struts get used anytime your vehicle is in motion. On turns, stopping, starting, and even the most smooth roads. After 50,000 miles, the seals in these parts have degraded to the point that they are no longer performing their job of keeping rubber on the road. Experts recommend replacing shocks and struts at this mileage. These parts are tremendously important to the control of your vehicle.

BRAKEmax proudly features Monroe shocks and struts and offer a lifetime warranty on the parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s possible that you have worn steering components, or a possible misalignment.  Call or come  by any of our convenient locations to schedule an appointment for an alignment check or a free visual inspection.

Yes.  Although both are safe to use for your vehicle, the larger, better-established manufacturers tend to have products which will last for much longer than a cheaper brand.

Steering Services
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