Tucson Tire Shop Tips: Avoid These Bad Habits & Make Your Tires Last

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Your tires are an investment, and you can get more life from them by developing good driving habits. Even with your care, however, tire issues can arise. When they do, the experts at your nearest Tucson tire shop can take care of your needs.

Here are a few of the bad habits that can cause your tires to wear out faster or even fail:

Choosing the First Tire You Consider

Tire options are considerable and you might pick the first tire you see, simply to have the decision made. It will take some time to pick the right tire. That time is well spent. 

Here are some considerations:

  • What is the climate you usually drive in and the most severe conditions you face? Tires in Tucson will face totally different conditions than those in another climate. 
  • What is your personal driving style? High-performance requiring superior traction as you hug corners or a more cushioned, relaxed ride? Be honest about what you want in your ride. 
  • What are the roads like where you drive the most? You will need different tires if you live in a rural area with many dirt roads, muddy trails than for city driving with smooth, well-maintained streets. 
  • What diameter of tire do you need for your vehicle? The wrong size tire can cause damage to components around the tire which then turns into a safety hazard. And a change in tire size will result in a difference in how the car drives. 

Ignoring The Tires Once They Are On The Vehicle

Now you’ve made the decision on the tires that are right for you and your car, your job isn’t over. Your tire specialist doesn’t see those tires every day like you do. There are some simple care techniques that will enable those tires to give you more miles.

Get The Tires Rotated Regularly

If you leave the tires in the same position onTire Rotation and Balancing the vehicle until you need new tires, plan on spending more money on tires. Tires wear a bit differently at each position of the car. The unequal tire wear reduces your fuel economy and causes tread issues. All of that leads to safety problems, the last thing you want to subject your family to. 

Tire rotation on a regular basis results in more even tire wear and makes the tires last longer. If you put four new tires on your vehicle, set an appointment for a rotation at about 5,000 miles. Older tires can go a bit longer, around 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Why not build a good habit and have the tires rotated every time you get your oil changed?

Tire Balancing Helps Tires Last Longer, Too

Tires on a new car are balanced, but that doesn’t mean they stay that way. Remember that pothole you hit or the time the wheel scraped against the curb when you were parking? Maybe one of your vehicles sat for a few months while it wasn’t being used. Such events can result in the wheels becoming out of balance. 

You might notice a vibration in the steering wheel or on the floorboard; don’t ignore it. The tire specialist at your local BRAKEmax will use computerized equipment to check and then correct any imbalance before your tires are worn down unevenly. If you hit a huge pothole, ask that the balance be checked just in case. Your tires often cost a lot of money. Protect them whenever possible.

There is no doubt that there is much to consider in protecting your tires. Get the help of the tire pros at your local BRAKEmax Tire & Service Center and be sure to check out our tire deals for ways to save on our tires and tire services.

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