Headlight Restoration in Tucson, AZ

Do Yellowed/Weathered/Cloudy Headlights Need to Be Replaced?

Probably not! For a fraction of the cost, BRAKEmax technicians can perform our headlight restoration service. The results speak for themselves!

Headlight restoration will improve the look of your car and increase the safety.  We will turn those same ugly looking, yellow headlights to crystal clear. Your friends will think you bought new headlights!

A Cloudy Headlight             A Headlight Restored by BRAKEmax

Weathered Headlight              A Restored Headlight by BRAKEmax

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of factors which cause this common condition:

UV rays cause a lot of damage to the sealants on the lens and cause the material to develop small cracks.  ‘Pitting’ from road debris like small rocks can cause damage to the lens sealant, which chemicals and dirt exacerbate.  

No!  Using the latest in car care products, our qualified service personnel can remove the opaque build-up and refinish the lights to look like new.

Headlight clouding is more than an aesthetic matter – clouding causes the light from your headlights to refract and diffuse, which causes them to look dimmer and perform poorly at night.  Poor headlight condition is actually a safety issue.

No!  Our specialized process involves application of chemicals and a thorough cleaning service to remove the built-up chemicals and debris, then refinish the lens to slow future discoloration.  The service, when performed properly, takes time to complete.

Headlight Restoration
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