Auto Repair in Tucson: 5 Car Repairs Worth the Investment

Auto Repairs & Services

Everyone wants to save money, so when car trouble arises, it’s tempting to take the DIY route if possible. While there are some tasks you can take care of yourself, there are others that are best left to professionals.

Cars and trucks have dozens of systems working together to keep you safe on the road, and those systems are more sophisticated than ever before. Auto repairs that may seem simple really aren’t. You may need to repair inaccessible areas of the car, or you may not have the specialized tools to do the job properly.

Here are five auto repairs or services that are worth the time and money put into them at the auto shop, ones that can save you money down the road.

    1. Changing the oil and oil filter. There is nothing more vital to your car than clean oil and a clean oil filter. Recommendations on the frequency of this service vary, depending on the age of your car, the mileage, and how you drive it. So, it’s best to check your owner’s manual and discuss options with your BRAKEmax mechanic, especially if they have been keeping records of service done to your car in the past.
    2. Checking and replacing fluids. Some you can check yourself: the oil level, wiper fluid, and antifreeze. Others usually require the tools and expertise of an auto mechanic: transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. Of course, your BRAKEmax shop will gladly check them all. The fluids in your vehicle make everything run smoothly. Without them, you would soon be facing expensive repairs that could have been avoided.
    3. Repairing and/or maintaining tires. Your tires are the only part of your car that actually come into contact with the road. They need to be rotated and balanced on a regular basis by a mechanic with proper equipment and technology. Uneven tread causes extra wear and can contribute to your tires being out of balance. This can cause problems for the chassis of the car, as well as the other adjoining parts. Tires also need to be inflated to the proper pressure, which your mechanic will do when they complete the rest of the tire work.
    4. Checking and replacing filters. There are several filters in your car, and they are there for a reason. They keep dirt, debris, grime, and other impurities from contaminating systems that are operating your car. If filters are ignored, they can’t do their job. Your mechanic can check these for you at your regularly scheduled visits.
    5. Changing the timing belt. This belt regulates the opening and closing of the engine valves. Over time, it deteriorates and must be replaced. This is another example of a car part that damages other parts when it malfunctions. It just isn’t worth the risk. Let our mechanics change it at 100,000 miles to make sure you won’t be stranded on the road. 

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Routine Inspections Can Prevent Expensive Repairs

The reason you build a working relationship with your auto mechanic before your car breaks down is simple: you need someone in your corner you can trust. Most people don’t understand a lot about how cars work. All drivers need a trusted auto shop and mechanic to rely on for advice and input about car repairs.  

Here is a quick summary of inspections and maintenance checks your mechanic will do:

Many of these service checks can be done during one appointment at the shop. Make the most of your time and money and discuss this with the BRAKEmax service staff or your mechanic.

Some Major Repairs That May Not Be Worth the Money

Cars do break down. Much depends on the age of the vehicle, the mileage, and how you drive it. In the worst case, let’s look at some major repairs that may needed.

Engine Replacement

The price tag for an engine replacement can range from $3,000 to $7,000, more if it’s a diesel or if the car is a high-performance vehicle. The first thing to check is your powertrain warranty. Is it

check engine light

still in effect? If so, the warranty should cover it. If not, you have a decision to make based on your budget, how much your vehicle is worth, and other considerations.

Replacing a Head Gasket

The head gasket creates a seal between the engine block and cylinder head that helps keep gases, oil, and coolant in the engine. A new head gasket can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500. Often, there are other components that may need to be replaced, too, once the head gasket is bad. The entire bill can represent an even bigger, more expensive repair. 

Transmission Replacement

A transmission service is one of the biggest and most expensive repairs you can face. It is time-intensive and complex, so the bill can begin as high as $5,000. Much like the head gasket repair, once the transmission goes out, there are other parts that will need to be repaired or replaced too. In general, transmissions don’t fail unless the car has around 100,000 miles on it, so that is a factor, too. Do you want to pay for an expensive repair like this on a car with high mileage on it already?

A Complete Brake Job

Most car owners are familiar with needing new pads, rotors, or calipers. The need for these parts is often the result of an inspection that tells the mechanic they need to be replaced. Another good reason for regular inspections.

But when an entire brake system needs to be replaced, you can pay at least $1000, with other repairs needed as they are uncovered. If the car is older, other failures may start to happen too.

BRAKEmax Is Ready for Any Car Repair 

BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers aren’t just about brakes. We provide a full range of auto maintenance and car repair services, from flat repairs to squealing brakes to replacing an engine or catalytic converter. Our mechanics are all ASE-certified professionals with the skills, tools, equipment, and up-to-date technology to do the job right.

It is important for you to find a trustworthy auto repair shop and good mechanic before your car needs to be towed away. Drive in to BRAKEmax now to begin a regular schedule of service that includes oil changes, brake checks, and tire inspections. In this way, you are building a working relationship with the shop and the mechanic. Both will serve you well when a car repair is needed. Records of all your maintenance checks and minor repairs will be kept at the shop, which will be helpful in many ways. 

If you’re still unsure whether you need to bring your car or truck into our auto shop for repairs or service, the expert auto mechanics and service staff at BRAKEmax will be happy to discuss your options and make recommendations. We will also provide a free, no-obligation quote for the services you may need. 

Every BRAKEmax location also offers great savings on auto services: discounts on oil changes in Tucson, free alignment checks and brake inspections, and much more. Visit our coupons page to see all the ways you can save.

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