Car Battery Service in Tucson, AZ

Keep your vehicle in excellent shape with a car battery service from BRAKEmax. Your vehicle’s battery is vital to making sure the electrical components work properly. 

A battery in Arizona lasts, on average, 22 months. Due to severe heat conditions for most of the year, batteries and other components simply don’t last as long here as they might in other parts of the country.

BRAKEmax offers a variety of services for your auto battery including:

  • Battery check – During this free service, technicians will measure the battery output and compare to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Battery maintenance – Arizona’s weather can do a number on your battery. To keep it healthy, we will clean the battery terminals and apply anti-corrosion protectant.
  • Battery replacement – If your battery is dead on arrival, we can remove the old one, properly dispose of it and replace it with a high-quality battery.

All About Car Batteries

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Your car battery is one of the most important components of any vehicle. That’s because it’s the literal powerhouse under the hood. For the vast majority of car batteries, the chemical reaction from lead and acid is what makes the whole operation work. 

Manufacturers label almost all vehicle batteries as “SLI” which means starting, lighting, and ignition. Electricity is supplied from the battery to help power the lights, various accessories like the sound system or phone chargers, as well as, the vehicle’s engine. 

The two main functions of your car battery is providing the means to ignition and to power crucial engine components while the vehicle is being driven. 

Car Batteries Power Your Starter

The starter is a little electrical motor inside your vehicle’s engine that has a solenoid attached. The solenoid is the conduit between the battery and the starter, which allows the starter to receive power from the battery. 

In order to kick the starter into gear, your car battery has to have enough of a charge. If you accidentally leave a light on in the vehicle and your car battery dies, you might hear a clicking noise or your car starter trying to kick on but then stopping. Compared to being stranded, it’s a lot easier to have the qualified technicians at BRAKEmax perform a battery check with your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance. 

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Car Batteries Power Crucial Engine Components

After the starter gets the engine cranked, the engine will power up the alternator. Your alternator is what recharges the vehicle’s battery because it’s converting the mechanical energy generated by the motor back into the car battery. The car battery is the storehouse for this energy, which it will later convert back to electrical energy by way of the chemical reaction mentioned above. This electrical energy goes back into the starter and powers the vehicle’s lights and other components. 

When your car battery no longer has enough power to perform it’s critical responsibilities, it’s time for a car battery replacement. Schedule an appointment online now at your nearest BRAKEmax location.

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Top Ways Car Batteries Get Drained

Your vehicle’s battery will gradually lose its ability to hold a charge. Typically, a battery will last around three or four years but there are a few conditions that can cause car batteries to have shorter lifespans.

The factors that affect how long a battery stays charged include:

  • Climate: A hot climate such as ours here in Tucson can put extra stress on a battery.
  • Headlights/interior lights left on: When you turn off your vehicle, the alternator is no longer charging the car battery. If you happen to leave your lights on, then the only power source is the battery itself, which can significantly drain the battery. 
  • Car accessories left plugged in: Anything that’s still drawing power after the vehicle is turned off will drain the battery.

Simply remembering to turn off all your vehicle’s lights and unplugging your accessories can help your car battery last as long as possible. Preventative maintenance items such as cleaning the terminals, replacing battery washers, and applying dielectric gel will all help protect your battery in harsh climates like Tucson’s.

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Best Car Batteries for Tucson, AZ 

The best car battery for your Tucson vehicle is one that is made with quality components and installed by certified technicians. At BRAKEmax, our ASE-certified mechanics use the best car batteries from top manufacturers such as ACDelco.

High- Quality Batteries

Our Tucson-area auto repair shops are proud to offer top-of-the-line ACDelco batteries. With a full (not pro-rated) warranty and quality craftsmanship, this battery is sure to last longer than its competitors.

The great warranty offered by ACDelco and BRAKEmax is doubly important in these harsh desert climates that will often cause premature failure. Watch the video below to learn more about ACDelco batteries.

Signs of Battery Failure

Unfortunately, many battery failures come without a great deal of warning. However, in some cases, you may experience a slow crank or no-crank condition when starting your car. Your vehicle may require a jumpstart, or some components in your car (like your stereo or lights) may not work properly. Another symptom to watch out for is corrosion on the battery terminals, which is usually a white or greenish buildup.

If your vehicle is displaying any of the signs above, your battery needs to be checked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most modern batteries are not serviceable, meaning they are not meant to be opened and filled like the batteries of the past.  In fact, lead-acid batteries contain hazardous acids which can burn the skin when contacted.

As is the case with many vehicle components, batteries are susceptible to damage due to both heat and excessive cold.  A vast majority of our battery business takes place either in the extreme heat or the extreme cold.

The best way to keep your car battery lasting longest is with preventative maintenance. A knowledgeable technician can check your car’s voltage, tighten fasteners, clean the battery, and apply anti-corrosion dielectric gel. Also, if you can, you should try to avoid frequent short trips. The repeated start, stop, start cycle can drain your battery’s cranking power. Other things to be mindful of include not leaving lights on or accessories plugged in and minimizing using any power when the vehicle is off. 

Car batteries are relatively inexpensive components for your vehicle, especially when you consider their importance. When shopping for car batteries, make sure the new battery meets the requirements specified by the manufacturer in your vehicle’s owner’s manual and always go with a recognized battery brand like ACDelco. Those “bargain batteries” may seem appealing but off-brand manufacturers often don’t have the same quality standards as top-tier battery makers.

At BRAKEmax, our entire philosophy is to provide excellent automotive services, with quality people, parts, and customer service. This includes saving our customers money any way that we can. That’s why we have a coupons page with revolving deals on our most popular services. Check back in often to see the most current special offers and promotions. 

Car battery replacement is usually very quick to complete from start to finish. With a qualified auto mechanic, the entire process can typically be completed in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.

All BRAKEmax locations across the greater Tucson area are staffed with ASE-certified technicians who can expertly handle your vehicle’s battery service. We provide top-tier automotive services, with honest and upfront pricing. Find your nearest BRAKEmax location.

There are definitely some signs that signal it’s time to bring your vehicle in for a battery replacement. These include:

  • Your vehicle headlights are exceptionally dim.
  • Your vehicle struggles to turn over.
  • A jump start doesn’t work or you have to keep doing them.
  • You hear a clicking noise when you turn the key.
  • Your vehicle’s dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree.
  • Off-smells like sulphur or burning rubber.

If you experience any of these with your vehicle, it’s much easier to bring in your vehicle before it dies completely than to be stranded somewhere. Schedule your free battery check now.

If you’re comfortable under the hood of your vehicle, some battery maintenance tasks are not that difficult. First up, check your battery terminals for signs of corrosion. This can appear like a white or green chalk around the posts and terminals. If you spot any, give it a good cleaning with a soft bristle brush like an old toothbrush. Make sure the fasteners are all secure and then add a good measure of dielectric gel to the posts and terminals to prevent corrosion.

Our certified technicians use top-of-the-line battery testers called multimeters that test the charge to see if it falls within the normal operating range specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Unless you have the tools and knowledge to do so correctly, it’s recommended to bring in your vehicle for a free battery check. 

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