Tire Balancing in Tucson, AZ

Tire Balancing — An Overlooked, Yet Very Essential Service

At BRAKEmax, we understand the importance of keeping your tires well-maintained. Because your tires are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the road, it’s vital to ensure that they are always properly inflated and maintained. Tire balancing is a critical aspect of tire service that is commonly overlooked when it comes to your tires’ maintenance and well-being. 

When we say “tire balancing,” many of our customers look at us strangely, or figure that tire balancing is a service that is only performed when tires are first purchased. Though it is a relatively small job, it plays a major role in the performance and safety of your tires, which is why we recommend routine tire balancing. Let’s talk about the importance of tire balancing, and be sure to schedule an appointment at BRAKEMax for hassle-free tire services. 

Unpacking Tire Balancing and Why You Need It

When tires are manufactured, tiny imperfections can cause slight weight imbalances that translate into vibrations once your tires begin to roll. Tire balancing, often called “wheel balancing,” is placing your wheels and tires on a machine to measure and correct these imbalances.

Once the severity of your tires’ imbalances has been measured, small counterweights are placed alongside your tires or on the inside of your wheels. These counterweights weigh just a few grams, are seldom noticeable, and are enough to ensure your tires’ smooth operation at high speeds. 

Why Tire Balancing Is Important in Tucson, AZ

Tire balancing is important your tires would vibrate against the road without it. This phenomenon causes a sensation of discomfort that can lead to motion sickness for you or your passengers and can also become a safety issue. When tires are vibrating, they’re not making constant contact with the road. This can make your vehicle more difficult to control at higher speeds, and even cause you to lose control if you attempt an avoidance or turning maneuver. 

There’s also the matter of cost. A typical tire balancing service is relatively low cost and can be completed in less than an hour. However, failing to perform routine tire balancing can shorten the life of your tires — which would require an early tire replacement. Routine tire balancing is a small but essential service that helps maximize the life of your tires.

A Few Signs You Need Tire Balancing

No warning light or maintenance reminder will prompt you to get your tires balanced. However, you may notice some signs, such as the following, that your tires may need to be balanced:

  • A shaking steering wheel. Especially at highway speeds, a shaking steering wheel may signal that your wheels are vibrating because they need to be balanced. Some vehicles feature soft suspension that can dampen or even mute the vibrating tires; however, your steering wheel may still shake as vibrations from your front wheels are more likely to transfer tire feedback through your steering column. 
  • Vibrations. Another telltale sign is if your vehicle vibrates, especially at high speeds. Some drivers mistake vibrations for brake-related issues, but there is a way that you may be able to tell the difference. Your brakes may need servicing if your vehicle only vibrates when you hit the brakes. However, if your vehicle vibrates when cruising, it’s possible that you need tire balancing services. 

How Often Will You Need Your Tires Balanced? 

Many drivers will only have tire balancing done when they first purchase a new set of tires. However, to promote the most longevity and performance from your tires, you’ll need to balance them more frequently.

We recommend performing tire balancing services at every tire rotation. This translates to tire balancing every 7,500 miles. Some vehicles, such as those with staggered wheels or wheels different in size in the rear than the front, do not need routine tire rotation services. However, we still recommend performing tire balancing services every 7,500 miles, even though no tire rotation will be performed. 

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At BRAKEmax, we perform trustworthy and affordable tire services in Tucson, AZ on all make and model vehicles. Whether you drive a compact sedan, a full-size SUV, or a four-wheel drive pickup truck, we feature the equipment needed to perform tire balancing services that you can count on. In addition to our competitive prices and easy online scheduling, we feature money-saving service coupons that help you save money while enjoying service from our ASE-certified mechanics.

Schedule an appointment at BRAKEmax today and maximize the life of your tires with routine tire balancing services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing whether you need to have your tires balanced is an absolute must if you want a smooth driving experience. Key indicators to help you determine if your tires may require balancing, such as feeling noticeable vibrations in the steering wheel or floorboards, especially when driving at specific speeds.

It may also be accompanied by a thumping sound. Look out for uneven or quick wear on your tires, which often suggests an imbalance. If your vehicle tends to pull to one side, it’s a strong sign that your tires might be out of balance.

At BRAKEmax, our seasoned experts are skilled in quickly identifying and rectifying these balance issues, ensuring your drive is consistently smooth, safe, and enjoyable.

Definitely! Balancing new tires is as crucial as choosing the right ones. It’s not just about mounting them; it’s perfecting their performance. New tires, despite their pristine condition, can have minor imbalances that affect your ride.

Ignoring this can lead to vibrations and premature wear. At BRAKEmax, our thorough balancing process ensures each new tire is fine-tuned to your vehicle’s specifications, enhancing ride quality and extending tire life. Don’t risk poor performance or injury — schedule our tire balance service today.

Continuing to drive on unbalanced tires invites a host of problems. You’ll notice vibrations in the steering wheel and seat, making your drive less comfortable and potentially distracting. This imbalance causes uneven tire wear, shortening tire life significantly. 

A more critical problem is that it puts extra stress on your vehicle’s suspension system, leading to poor handling and stability issues. Unbalanced tires also contribute to increased road noise and overall wear on your vehicle.

At BRAKEmax, we stress the importance of timely tire balancing to safeguard your vehicle’s performance and your safety. We encourage you to schedule your tire balance service today!

Tire Balancing in Tucson, AZ
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