Brake Repair & Service at BRAKEmax in Catalina

The experts at BRAKEmax Tire & Service Center offer the best service on brakes near you. Our ASE-certified specialists want to partner with you to protect the investment you have in all your vehicles.

Brake service at BRAKEmax includes:

  • Inspection of brake friction and hydraulic system
  • Resurface rotors and/or drums where applicable
  • Replacement of premium-grade brake pads and/or shoes or brake calipers
  • Check and repack wheel bearings if applicable

Schedule a Brake Check Every 6 Months Or 6,000 Miles

The industry standard is to have your brakes checked every 6 months or 6,000 miles. BRAKEmax locations offer FREE brake checks, which you can add to your routine oil changes or tire rotations. 

The brakes on vehicles wear differently, depending on driving conditions and how the car is driven, so the frequency of brake checks that’s right for your car or truck may differ.

Warning Signs You May Need Brake Service

If you notice less resistance in your brake pedal, schedule an appointment right away to make sure your vehicle stays safe to drive.

Watch for any of these others signs that it’s time for brake service:

  • Thumping or grinding sounds
  • Yellow puddles of brake fluid
  • Stopping requires more distance
  • Pulling to one side when braking
  • Vibration in the pedal when braking
  • Soft or spongy brake pedal when stopping
  • ABS light on dash illuminated
  • Vibrations when stopping
  • Less than ¼ inch on brake pads

After your inspection, our brake specialist will give you a free quote of any work that is recommended. We will be glad to answer questions you have on either the inspection or the quote.

BRAKEmax is committed to your safety as well as adding value every time you visit our shop. Check out our coupons to save money on your brake repairs or service.

You Can Help Your Brakes Last Longer

There are some easy, practical actions you can take to lengthen the life of your brakes:

  • Avoid making quick, last minute stops whenever possible.
  • Don’t tailgate.
  • Don’t drive with one foot on the brake all the time.
  • Heavy objects in the back seat or trunk are hard on your brakes.

Short on time? Reserve Our Free Concierge Service

We want to maximize your time when your car needs service or repairs. We will pick your vehicle up at your place of work or your home (within three miles of our Catalina auto repair location) and bring it in for its scheduled inspections or repairs. Upon completion, your car will be sanitized at all contact points and then returned to you.

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What Are Rotors and Why Do They Need to Be Turned?

If your car has disc brakes, the brake pads squeeze the rotors when you press the brake pedal. This pressure generates friction, converting kinetic energy into heat, to force the vehicle to slow down. Made of metal, the rotors wear over time. Plus, the rotors can warp from the heat created by this system. A brake technician will turn or resurface the rotors if enough metal remains on them. The rotor is put on a lathe, and the technician uses a sharp bit to smooth out the rotor’s surface. Your BRAKEmax in Catalina offers a full range of brake services.

How Do Calipers Work in This Brake System?

The calipers put pressure on the brake pads to slow and then stop the wheels. Pistons in the calipers use hydraulic pressure, created by the brake fluid, to squeeze the pads against the rotors. As the brake pads wear, the pistons allow worn pads to make contact with the rotor. When the brake pads need to be replaced, they are removed by retracting the pistons with a special tool.

If you have signs of brake problems, our technicians at BRAKEmax in Catalina will inspect the entire system, including the brake calipers. Schedule an appointment for a free inspection today.

Can I Check the Brake Fluid Myself?

It’s best to let our technicians check the brake fluid. The fluid is toxic, and it can also ruin the paint on your car. Your owner’s manual will outline specific instructions for checking your car’s brake fluid levels. The brake fluid reservoir is on the master cylinder. If the fluid is dark or muddy, it may not be effective enough to stop your vehicle. If the fluid is close to the minimum line on the dipstick for brake fluid, your car needs servicing. Brake repair is one of our specialties!

Is It Serious When the Dashboard Brake Light Comes On?

It could be. This warning light can come on for a number of reasons, so it’s best to have one of our mechanics check it for you. The brake light is designed to alert you if the parking brake is on, if the anti-lock brake system (ABS) needs attention, if a sensor has failed, or there is an electrical problem.

A brake light can indicate either a simple problem or an urgent issue. Have it checked by one of our experts.

Does the Entire Brake System Need to Be Replaced Yearly?

There is no easy answer to this. First, check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations. Then, discuss your driving needs and habits with one of the technicians at the BRAKEmax Catalina auto shop. Do you drive fast and brake hard? Do you put a lot of miles on your car? Do you haul or tow heavy equipment and do a great deal of hilly or mountain driving?

We offer free brake inspections, so our technicians can determine the condition of your brakes.