Car AC Repair at BRAKEmax in Catalina, AZ

Our ASE-certified technicians can meet all of your car AC repair needs at our Catalina auto repair location. Without regularly scheduled maintenance, the air conditioning system in your car or truck will lose efficiency every year. You can make sure your AC doesn’t fail when you need it with expert service from our factory-trained team of professionals. 

Keep Cool With Regular AC Inspections

It’s easy to ignore warning signs when you hear a strange noise or the AC is blowing less than cold air. So during a routine inspection of the AC in your vehicle, our ASE- certified technicians will:

  • Check for holes in refrigerant lines, leaks, or damaged hoses
  • Make sure the system’s pressure is correct 
  • Assess the passenger cabin temperature  
  • Check the coolant level; it may only need a car AC recharge
  • Look for wear or damage in the thermostat
  • Check the compressor belt
  • Compare your vehicle’s AC levels to manufacturer’s specifications 

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Pay Attention to These Signs of Trouble in Your AC System

Your car’s AC system is made up of many complex parts working together, such as the compressor, receiver/drier (accumulator), and the orifice tube or expansion valve (filter). Checking the entire system yourself isn’t as easy as checking the oil in the car, for example. Let our AC specialists put their training to work for you as soon as you notice a problem. We can help prevent expensive AC repair later on.

Here are some signs and causes of possible trouble in your AC system:

  • Water in the passenger cabin: Puddles on the floorboard lead to odors and harmful mildew and mold.
  • Fluttering or rattling noises: There might be a foreign object stuck somewhere in the system.
  • Weak airflow: The foreign object might be blocking something important.
  • Tepid or warm air blowing from the vents: The coolant may need to be replenished. 
  • The dashboard indicator light for the AC is on: Check it out.

Take care of your car and your investment in it by checking out trouble signs before any damage is done. It’s best for your comfort and health and it will help retain the value of your car for resale later. It might be as simple as an AC recharge, but if it’s a more complicated repair you need to know that quickly.

BRAKEmax’s Concierge Service Saves You Time

Your time is valuable but your car still needs to be serviced. That’s why we offer our free concierge service! We will pick your car up from your location (within three miles of our shop) and return it to you after the repairs or maintenance has been completed. It will be cleaned and sanitized at all contact points, too. 

Our respect for your time doesn’t get any better than that! You can schedule at the same time you set your appointment.