Complete Oil Change Service In Oro Valley

Are you searching online for an “oil change near me”? You don’t need to search any farther than the auto experts at BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers in Oro Valley for your next oil change service. We keep your car or truck running in peak condition by using only the highest-quality motor oil, oil filters, and other products.

Expert Oil Changes

Oil changes at BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers go beyond just replacing the oil. Our ASE-certified mechanics help ensure your vehicle is in optimum running condition.

Our conventional oil change service includes:

  • 22-point vehicle inspection
  • Up to five quarts of Valvoline 5W-20 or 5W-30 oil
  • Installation of new oil filter
  • Lubrication of your vehicle’s chassis
  • Free tire rotation upon request

Your engine gets powerful protection from clean oil and a clean filter. We recommend getting an oil change service done every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Following this maintenance interval will give you a vehicle that’s running in optimal condition. This schedule can be extended slightly by using full synthetic oil. Our technicians can help you determine the best oil and oil change schedule for your vehicle.

When it’s time for an oil change service, we want to make your visit to Oro Valley BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers affordable. Make sure to check out our coupons page often for great oil change coupons and service deals to help save you money.

The Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

Having regular oil changes done is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep your car running smoothly.  A clean oil filter and clean motor oil provide your engine protection by:

Cleaning the Engine

Oil is essential in keeping critical engine components clean. While cycling through the engine it collects dirt and grime that builds up in your engine over time, preventing engine parts from becoming clogged and resulting in expensive repairs.

Reducing Friction & Excess Wear

There’s less friction and excessive wear on the metal parts of your engine when there is a proper level of clean oil in your vehicle. If the oil levels get too low, excess friction occurs in the engine and can cause extensive problems.

Eliminating Excess Heat

Clean oil cycling through the engine is key to preventing it from overheating. The oil helps to regulate engine temperature by absorbing the excess heat. Dirty oil will stop absorbing heat and even begin to reflect it. This leads to higher chances of an overheated engine.

Preventing Rust & Corrosion

Simply topping off your existing oil with new oil, which just mixes dirty oil with the clean oil, does not provide sufficient engine protection. Proper levels of clean oil help prevent the buildup of corrosion and rust on sensitive engine components.

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Oil Change Service in Oro Valley, AZ FAQs

How Do I Know When The Oil In My Car Should Be Changed?

Considering Oro Valley’s climate, we recommend that you get regular oil changes every three months or 3,000 miles. 

However, many of today’s cars are built so that oil change service can be less frequent. Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation, or check with our oil change experts. Then have our Oro Valley BRAKEmax service staff set up a regular schedule for you. 

In between these maintenance service appointments, it’s a good idea to check your own oil to make sure you’re not low on oil or have particularly dirty oil. Here’s how to check it:

  • Clean the dipstick and look at the oil. 
  • It should not be extremely dark or have a lot of particles in it.
  • Check to see if the oil level is below the line or hashmark.
  • Listen to the engine. Is it noisy or making unusual sounds?

You should also schedule an oil change service if the oil light comes on on your dashboard.

Which Grade Of Oil Is Best For My Car?

There are conventional, synthetic blend, and fully synthetic oils. When selecting the type that’s right for your vehicle, here are some things to keep in mind:

Full synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil. 

  • It works better at higher temperatures than other types of oil.
  • It protects your engine if you are towing or hauling heavy loads.
  • It doesn’t build up much sludge. 

Conventional oil costs much less than synthetic oil.

  • It is better for older engines due to its higher viscosity.
  • It performs well at low temperatures.

Synthetic blend oil is a compromise between synthetic and conventional.

It can be confusing, so discuss the choice with your BRAKEmax oil change specialist the next time you have your oil changed. We will be glad to help.

Do I Have To Take My Car To The Dealership For The Oil Changes?

No—by law, you can take your vehicle to any auto shop for your auto service. Just make sure to keep records concerning all your auto service and repair work. Your Oro Valley BRAKEmax service staff will be glad to help you with this. No matter what type of service you need, BRAKEmax meets or exceeds the level of service you will find at a dealership. 

Does The Oil Filter Need To Be Replaced At Each Oil Change?

The oil filter should be changed every time the oil is changed. If it isn’t, the clean oil can quickly become contaminated since the clogged filter won’t be able to continue to trap dirt and debris. Changing your oil filter ensures that your new, clean oil stays that way as long as possible and can protect your engine as it should.

What Is The Best Way To Schedule A Brakemax Oil Change?

It’s easy! Use our online scheduling service or call for an appointment today.

Also check out our oil change coupons before you come into our Oro Valley location for savings on oil changes and other BRAKEmax services.

Concierge Services

We understand how imperative it is that your vehicle is in proper working order. Because of this, we are introducing a new program designed with your security in mind.

The BRAKEmax Delivery Program is a no-cost concierge service to help you eliminate unnecessary trips outside your home. We will pick up your car from your location (within three miles of BRAKEmax) and return it to you free of charge after services have been completed.

Your peace of mind is as important to us as it is to you. We promise to continue to do everything in our power to eliminate uncertainties and make your life easier. We hope that the BRAKEmax Delivery Program demonstrates our commitment to you, ensuring that you can safely be on the road when you need to be.

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