Radiator Repair & Replacement

The primary reason for an overheating car is a low coolant condition. This can be caused by many things, such as a leak in the hoses or radiator, or lack of maintenance on the coolant itself. As the coolant breaks down, it’s boiling point (the temperature at which it boils) drops. This means that its ability to help dissipate heat is compromised. Poor maintenance of the cooling system may result in a radiator replacement.

What’s Included In Our Auto Radiator Repairs

BRAKEmax technicians, who are ASE certified, will first inspect the radiator cooling system for any for leaks. If a cooling system service is needed, then they will remove the old coolant and re-fill with the correct amount of new anti-freeze. However, if the technicians find that the radiator is damaged, then a repair will be needed. We also provide radiator replacements if necessary.

 The importance of the radiator

The radiator is undoubtedly one of the most important parts in your vehicle, especially here in the harsh heat of Tucson. The radiator works by dissipating heat generated by the engine – if this doesn’t occur, the engine overheats and permanent damage can result. Overheating an engine can cause warped heads and damaged internal components.

Frequently Asked Questions

Modern radiators consist of two plastic tanks connected by an aluminum core.  The plastic, like many components in our vehicles, is susceptible to damage from heat.  The most common cause for radiator repair is cracks developing in brittle plastic.

A radiator helps to dissipate engine heat from the coolant.  It does this by forcing the coolant through small ‘fins’ in the aluminum core that dissipate heat thanks to air running through the fins.  It is a significant component in your cooling system.

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