Tire Rotation

Proper tire rotation helps your tires to wear evenly throughout their service lives. Your front axle wears tires at a different rate than your rear axle. Leaving your tires on the same axle can lead to uneven wear. Additionally, regular tire rotations allow auto experts to inspect the tires for adverse conditions that can negatively affect their lifespan. Finding these conditions early can minimize tire damage.

Did you know that generally speaking, your best tires should be on the rear axle?  Having your best traction on the rear axle helps to prevent oversteer and loss of stability on slippery surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your front and rear axles wear tires at different rates.  Consistent rotation helps to keep the tires wearing evenly and allows tire experts to inspect for abnormal wear – catching problems before they cause damage.

The industry can sometimes change their minds on this topic, but the conventional wisdom right now is that the better tires belong on the rear to help prevent fishtailing.  This is the case regardless of whether the vehicle is front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive.

Tire Rotation
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