Weekend Oil Change: Efficiency at Its Finest

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Oil changes aren’t the most time-consuming form of auto maintenance, but they still require some forethought. When you try to take care of an oil change during the workweek, you’ll need to plan around work, school, and other priorities.

But there’s an easier way: Setting up an oil change over the weekend will allow you to take care of this vital service while keeping stress to a minimum. If you want to get an efficient, high-quality oil change service in Tucson, AZ, this weekend, read on.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

Some auto shops in Tucson promote their 10-minute oil change service, and it’s not hard to see the appeal of this sales pitch. However, there’s a catch — that speed typically comes at the expense of quality workmanship. While you’ll still get your oil removed and replaced with a 10-minute oil change, you won’t benefit from supplementary services such as an oil filter replacement.

When getting a full-service oil change, Tucson residents can expect it to take longer than 10 minutes — but not by much. Qualified mechanics can complete these oil changes in roughly 30-45 minutes, giving you ample time to enjoy the rest of your weekend. The technicians providing these oil changes will also maintain and inspect your vehicle, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on auto repair work later on.

Crucial Oil Change Factors

The speed of your weekend oil change matters, and you don’t want your shop of choice to go too fast or too slow while handling this service. Still, this isn’t the only factor worth considering while searching for an oil change in Tucson. You’ll also want to think about:

Your Ideal Oil Type

Not all types of motor oil are created equal (and the oil type you use could have a direct impact on your oil change schedule). Depending on your vehicle’s needs, you might try using:

  • Conventional oil: This is a refined form of naturally occurring crude mineral oil with enhanced protective properties and viscosity. While conventional oil can’t compete with synthetic products in terms of performance or life span, it’s still the most affordable type of oil available for purchase today.
  • Full synthetic oil: Instead of being a refined version of conventional oil, full synthetic oil is manufactured in controlled factory settings. Because of that, it can easily outperform conventional oil when it comes to engine protection. While it has a higher price tag than conventional oil, you won’t need to set up oil changes as frequently while using full synthetic oil.
  • Synthetic blend oil: If you’re looking for something in between conventional and full synthetic oil, give synthetic blend oil a try. This is a combination of the two primary oil types, meaning it can perform more effectively and last longer than conventional oil while costing less than full synthetic oil.

Your Oil Change Schedule

Oil changes fall under the umbrella of preventative maintenance, which means they’re vital to your car’s continued well-being. This means that no driver in the area should wait too long between oil changes. You also shouldn’t get an oil change service too frequently, either, as you’ll inevitably overpay for this work.

To avoid both of these outcomes, take some time to determine your ideal oil change schedule. Your car’s user manual is a great place to start, but you’ll also need to account for your car’s age, Arizona’s extreme summer heat, and any severe driving habits you have. Keeping these factors in mind, we encourage most local drivers to schedule a Tucson oil change every three months or 3,000 miles.

Other Auto Maintenance Services

Oil changes are a relatively basic form of auto maintenance, so you might assume this service is the same from one Tucson auto shop to the next. But this assumption isn’t entirely accurate — some shops in the area go one step further by providing full-service oil changes to their customers.

Removing and replacing your vehicle’s old motor oil is still at the heart of a full-service oil change. You can also expect to benefit from maintenance tasks such as:

  • Chassis lubrication: A vehicle’s chassis should be greased once in a while, and oil changes are the perfect opportunity to take care of this job.
  • Oil filter replacement: A dirty oil filter can cause serious problems for your vehicle. To avoid that, make sure your next oil change comes with a new filter for your oil.
  • Tire rotation (at your request): Without tire rotation, your treads won’t wear at an even rate. It’s best to rotate tires along with oil changes, so schedule these services simultaneously.

Get a Full-Service Oil Change This Weekend

To get the oil change service you deserve, find a local Tuscon auto shop that can take care of this job without cutting into your plans for the weekend. Your go-to shop shouldn’t just change your oil; they should deliver full-service oil changes you can count on.

When they need an oil change, Tucson residents overwhelmingly trust the ASE-certified mechanics at BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers.

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