Oro Valley Tire Shop & Tire Repair Services

One of the best ways to increase your tires’ performance and keep you safely on the road is keeping them maintained. If you’re searching for a “tire shop near me,” your best choice is the BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers’ Oro Valley location. We can help you with new tires as well as maintaining tire safety and performance through a full range of tire services for your vehicle.

Your Source For New Tires

No matter if you drive a daily driver car, a high-performance luxury vehicle, an off-road truck, or something in between, BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers can help you get the best new tires for your vehicle. Our manufacturer-trained experts will help you select quality tires that will provide you the best performance, without costing a fortune.

We’re proud to carry tires from trusted manufacturers including Goodyear and Dunlop.

Complete Tire Service in Oro Valley

If you’ve got a flat tire or need other tire/wheel services, you can trust the ASE-certified experts at BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers in Oro Valley for auto repair. We offer a full range of expert tire repairs and services. Our tire and wheel services include:

Tire Rotation & Balancing

Over time, as normal wear occurs, some of your tires may wear quicker than the others, resulting in wear that can’t simply be repaired. Regular tire rotation is critical to ensuring even wear and extended tire lifespan. If your tires are new, we recommend tire rotation at the 5,000 mile mark. If the tires are older, a schedule of every 6,000 to 8,000 miles is recommended.  

We also perform tire balancing services which will correct any vibrations you may feel in the steering wheel or floorboard at high speeds. 

Flat Tire Repair

When a tire goes flat, it can quickly ruin your day. If you need tire repair, our ASE-certified technicians can get you back on the road quickly. All while still following the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) guidelines for effective and safe tire repairs. 

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Service

Most tire failures are caused by underinflated tires. During your tire service, our technicians will inspect your tires closely and make sure each tire is at the proper pressure.

We’ll also check your vehicle’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and can repair if needed. This system monitors the tire pressure, helping you make sure your tires have the proper air pressure.

Save With Our Tire Discounts

If you’re searching for “tire discounts near me”, we’ve got you covered! We always have great specials on new tires and repairs, so make sure to check our coupons page before bringing your car in. Print the coupons out or just show them on your phone to your service advisor at BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers Oro Valley.

Book An Appointment For New Tires Or Tire Service

Whether you’re ready to purchase new tires or it’s time for regular tire service, our experts at BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers Oro Valley can help. Schedule your appointment today!

Concierge Services

We understand how imperative it is that your vehicle is in proper working order. Because of this, we are introducing a new program designed with your security in mind.

The BRAKEmax Delivery Program is a no-cost concierge service to help you eliminate unnecessary trips outside your home. We will pick up your car from your location (within three miles of BRAKEmax) and return it to you free of charge after services have been completed.

Your peace of mind is as important to us as it is to you. We promise to continue to do everything in our power to eliminate uncertainties and make your life easier. We hope that the BRAKEmax Delivery Program demonstrates our commitment to you, ensuring that you can safely be on the road when you need to be.

BRAKEmax is Tucson’s top choice for tire services and repairs including tire rotations and wheel balancing. Our ASE-certified technicians use state-of-the-art tire equipment to efficiently and safely repair or replace your tires at a reasonable price. From road-force balancers, computerized alignment machines and procedures developed by the Rubber Manufacturers Association, there is no better place to get your tires serviced.

BRAKEmax is also your Tucson headquarters for trailer tires. Whether you need tires for your boat trailer, RV trailer, mobile home, or horse trailer, we have a wide selection of name-brand tires to keep you rolling. Make us your first stop when it’s time for new trailer tires.

Tire Shop FAQs

When do tires need to be aligned?

Check for your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations in your owner’s manual. Reputable tire stores like your Oro Valley BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers will advise an alignment every 6,000 miles or so. To make this easier to remember, have your wheels aligned at our tire shop at every oil change

An alignment has to do with the car’s suspension system more than the wheel assembly. It focuses on the direction and angle of each wheel, which includes the tires. Wheels can be affected by hitting a pothole or running into curbs, which can cause poor alignment. If the wheels aren’t re-aligned, your tires will begin to wear unevenly and tire repair or replacement may not be far behind. Plus, over time, the results of the poor alignment of the car’s wheels causes other problems in the suspension.

Discuss factors like the road conditions where you drive, the type of tires on your car, and any unusual events with your BRAKEmax service staff. Check out our current specials and coupons here

Is balancing the tires the same thing as aligning them?

No, they are two separate actions with different purposes. Balancing tires focuses on the wheel assemblies, which includes the tires. They each must be balanced or the car won’t roll smoothly. Surprisingly, it is nearly impossible to create a wheel or tire that is 100% balanced all the way around the circumference. Some areas will be thicker, while some will be lighter and thinner. This causes the wheel to vibrate as it rotates. 

Our tire technicians use precision machinery that spins each tire and wheel combination to locate where a wheel is heavier or lighter. Then we attach small lead weights at the lightest areas of the wheel. This has to be done separately for every wheel assembly on your vehicle. You will then ride smoothly and your tires will last longer!

What are some signs of tire wear?

The most noticeable sign is uneven tread wear around the tire: inner edge, outer edge, and center. Walk around your car and look at your tires every other time you stop for gas. Do you see any of those signs of uneven wear? If so, make an appointment for a tire inspection at your Oro Valley BRAKEmax. It’s usually easy to correct with an alignment or balancing. Otherwise, your tires will wear out much faster than they should.

Also look for:

  • Cracks in a sidewall
  • Bulges or blister-type spots
  • Foreign objects in the tire 

How long do new tires last?

That often depends on you! You can reach the expected mileage from a set of tires if:

  • Your tires are inflated to the correct pressure.
  • You get your tires rotated regularly.
  • You have the wheels aligned on a regular basis.
  • You don’t drive aggressively.
  • You minimize driving in stop-and-go traffic.
  • You avoid driving long distances in extreme weather.

And keep up your scheduled tire inspections for best results!