Windshield Replacement in Tucson, AZ

In addition to complete auto repair and maintenance, BRAKEmax also offers auto glass replacement in Tucson, AZ through Max Auto Glass  – the newest division of BRAKEmax. Our expert technicians have training in all types of window repairs and auto glass replacement. Often, we can provide repairs to seal cracks in your windshield. If the damage is too extensive to be repaired, we can completely replace the glass. We have an extensive inventory of auto glass to provide fast and reliable car window repairs.  Our professional support staff has decades of experience in the insurance industry to help serve your needs – and, we offer free mobile service to your home, office or at any of our Tucson locations.

Why You Need to Replace a Cracked Windshield

A chip in your windshield is not just cosmetic. In a car crash, windshields play a huge role in the structural integrity of the car. In front-end collisions, the glass provides rigidity to help prevent crushing the front-end on impact. During an accident, experts estimate that 18%-22% of the car’s structural integrity is provided by the windshield. In a rollover, the windshield is responsible for as much as 70% of the structural integrity of the car. If your windshield has an unrepaired chip or crack, its ability to maintain that rigidity is severely compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

A successful windshield repair can occur if the damage is small enough to be safely serviced.  In many cases, your insurance company will even pay for the repair – free of charge to you!

Once a technician arrives at your home, office, or any other location that you choose, replacement takes about an hour.

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