Transmission Repair Service & Fluid Flush

Prevent your vehicle from breaking down by getting a transmission service. We recommend that you have your transmission fluid changed every 30,000 miles or when your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends this service.

At BRAKEmax, we offer complete transmission service and repairs, including: 

  • Transmission inspection
  • Transmission fluid level check
  • Transmission pan service
  • Full transmission fluid exchange

One of our professionals performing transmission repair services in Tucson, AZ

Transmission Fluid Change

As far as mechanical components go, today’s transmissions are incredibly complicated. Transmission fluid exchange changes out virtually all of the fluid in your vehicle and is done through the cooler lines. Note that there are many different types of transmission fluids available; we use a synthetic fluid that meets or exceeds most manufacturer specifications. For the few that require a different type of fluid, we use Original Equipment type fluid.

Some of these fluids cost upwards of $15 per quart so we do have to charge more to service those vehicles. A transmission pan service only changes about 30% of the fluid in your transmission but allows access to change the filter and gasket. A pan service or a full fluid exchange can be done either separately or in conjunction with each other, these are two separate services.

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How Does a Transmission Work? 

If you ever wanted to know a transmission works, view the video below.


Frequently Asked Questions

CVT stands for Continually Variable Transmission – these advanced transmissions allow for extremely smooth gear shifts and improved fuel economy over the traditional transmission technology.  The most important thing to remember about having a CVT-equipped vehicle is that the transmission takes different fluid than your standard automatic transmission.

No!  More and more, transmission fluid is becoming vehicle-specific.  Between CVT, Mopar, ATF+4, Mercon V and others, there is a specific fluid recommended for your vehicle.  Check your owner’s manual or with any of our friendly neighborhood locations to determine the appropriate fluid for your vehicle.

It depends on what car you drive.  Some vehicles call for Transmission Fluid replacement at 50,000 miles, and others don’t call for that service until the vehicle has driven 100,000 miles.  Check with one of our automotive service experts or your owner’s manual to determine the proper interval for your vehicle.

A transmission flush involves hooking a machine up to the transmission lines and using the vehicle’s own power to flush the old fluid from the system.  This allows for a nearly complete exchange of fluid but does not replace the in-line filter (where equipped).

A transmission service refers to the procedure of dropping the transmission oil pan and replacing the filter, gasket, and whatever fluid drops out.  While this replaces a good percentage of the fluid, it does not drain all of it. It does, however, result in a new in-line filter. This service is also performed when the gasket material begins to fail and the transmission pan leaks or seeps.

Transmission Service
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