How Do I Find the Best Auto Repair Shop in Tucson?

best auto repair shop in Tucson Arizona

The sooner you find the best auto repair shop that meets your vehicle’s needs, the better. You don’t want to make that decision during the stress of an auto emergency. Being informed not only means understanding the needs of your vehicle and its service needs ahead of time, but also finding a shop that can do quality, professional work to keep your car safely on the road.

The number of auto repair shops in Tucson can be overwhelming, so begin your search at BRAKEmax Tire & Service Center. We are certain we can outperform almost any other auto service shop in the area!

Look For These When Choosing The Best Tucson Auto Repair Shop

Here are some suggestions as you explore your options with BRAKEmax and other repair shops.

Reviews and Personal Referrals

Checking reviews have become one of the most popular ways to analyze a business. Companies cannot delete negative reviews, and consumers trust others who have used a company before. Referrals from your friends and family are another source of valuable information about local auto repair shops in Tucson, including BRAKEmax. You can gain personal insight into how customers are treated, and the quality of the work done, from people you know.

Reviews and referrals provide a source of information from real customers of the business, not simply those paid by the company to give a “good review.”

Check the Auto Shop's and Employee Licenses and Certifications

Make sure any auto repair shop has a business license. It will usually be on the wall in the front area where you check in. It will have an expiration date on it, so check that while you’re at it. You don’t want your car in a service bay and then the state shuts them down—with your car locked up! You can be assured that BRAKEmax is fully licensed and insured by the agencies in Tucson, AZ, and the surrounding areas.

The next most important thing to check is the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. This certification tells you that the auto mechanics working on your vehicle are experienced professionals with the skills needed to work on your car. It is often tempting to have a friend or a “friend of a friend” work on your car. But that friend may not be qualified to service your car, which may lead to expensive problems later. Even more importantly, your vehicle may not even be safe to drive, and your warranty may be voided by having someone who isn’t certified servicing the car.

All of BRAKEmax’s auto mechanics are automotive professionals certified by the ASE. These should also be posted in a visible location in the business. Discuss this with the store manager if you have questions about certifications.

Auto Repair Prices Should Be Competitive, But Not Necessarily The Lowest

You want to save money whenever possible, including on auto repairs and maintenance. But making final decisions based on the lowest price has pitfalls. Make sure to take other factors into account, too, such as the quality of service, knowledge, and expertise of the auto mechanics, level of customer care, honesty, and recent reviews. Do your research and compare shops based on all these factors before selecting an auto repair shop for your vehicle.

Use The Auto Shop For A Small, Routine Service First

Take your car to an auto repair and maintenance shop, like BRAKEmax, for a small service like an oil change first. Observe the car mechanics and front office staff. How do they interact with each other? With you? Is the shop clean and neat? Do they seem to take pride in the shop as well as the care they give you? All of these things will reflect the care they give your car.

If you aren’t satisfied with the care and attention they give to a small job, why would you trust them to handle a larger repair? If you like what you see, you have a reason to keep coming back.

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You Should Be Involved In Discussions About Your Vehicle

Professionals in any industry often speak in industry-specific jargon that others may not understand. Mechanics are no different. Don’t be afraid to ask for more information or an explanation of anything you don’t understand. It’s important that you grasp the problem they have diagnosed and what they are suggesting as the repairs necessary. Speak up if they are recommending a service that you do not feel is necessary—always ask for clarification. Be willing to say “no.” This will also prevent surprises when your car is ready and you go to pay the bill. You need to be clear on what they are going to do and get a quote on the cost before they begin working on your vehicle.

Second—or Third—Opinions are For Cars, Too

If you haven’t made a decision on a Tucson auto repair shop yet, but your car needs attention, get more than one estimate. It may be time-consuming, but it’s being a smart consumer. Plus, an auto repair can be expensive and if not done properly, it can also be a safety concern.

When getting written estimates for a repair, make sure you are comparing like for like. Be wary of extra services being listed. If an estimate is much higher than all the others, it might mean additional services or parts are being added, or the shop is not diagnosing the same issue properly. This is another reason to ask a lot of questions. Make sure you understand each estimate; if you don’t, ask as many questions as it takes.

Coupons and Specials are Demonstrations of Customer Care

Ask the service staff at any auto shop about their specials as well as any coupons available. How can you access them? Any auto repair company that cares about its customers in the long term will have coupons and specials on its website. They will also point them out to you. Did you leave your last auto repair shop after paying your bill only to find they had a coupon or special they didn’t tell you about? Reputable companies want you as a long-term customer and this is one way to achieve that.

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Making the Final Decision: Choosing a Tucson Auto Repair Shop

There is one final thing to consider when deciding on an auto repair business for your vehicle. Don’t ignore your instincts. Everything may look right at a business but you feel something is off. Sometimes those feelings can’t even be verbalized, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t accurate or important. If you have researched the shops on your list, you have visited them, maybe you even had one undertake a routine oil change or another service, but you just didn’t feel right there—pay attention. Choose the one where you felt welcomed, respected, and all the boxes on your checklist were checked off to your satisfaction.

Trust BRAKEmax as Your Tucson Auto Shop

We want to be your final auto repair choice in Tucson! You can depend on our mechanics to do a top-quality job at the most competitive prices in the area. Our entire crew wants to be part of your car-care team by professionally maintaining your car and treating you as our most important customer—every time.

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