Regular Oil Change Service Is a Must in Arizona’s Temperature Swings

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Arizona is infamous for its hot summer weather, but the state’s climate isn’t sweltering 100% of the time. Since Tucson, AZ, is located in the Sonoran Desert, weather conditions can change drastically between day and night. For example, the region’s winter daytime temperatures typically hover around the 60s and 70s — but when the sun sets, they fall to the 30s and 40s.

Since extreme heat and cold can make it harder for automobiles to operate correctly, you’ll want to find ways to mitigate the effect of temperature shifts on your car. Here’s how regular oil change service can help your vehicle handle changing temperatures in Arizona.

How Arizona’s Climate Affects Oil Change Scheduling

It’s no secret that the heat in Tucson can get intense during the summer months — triple-digit temperatures are the norm at this time of year. When cars are tasked with functioning in extreme heat, their oil can become thinner than usual and lose its ability to lubricate and protect the engine. The best way to guard against this is to have oil changes performed more frequently during the summer months.

Meanwhile, Arizona’s winters aren’t quite as cold as those seen elsewhere in the country. That said, winter temperatures in the area can get quite low — particularly during the nighttime. Cool weather can prevent your vehicle’s motor oil from flowing correctly, and extreme cold can stop its flow entirely.

The good news is that some oil types are formulated specifically for this situation. If they set up a late-fall or early-winter oil change, Tucson residents will have a chance to switch to oils with the letter “W” listed in their grades. As you might expect, “W” stands for “winter” — and oils in this category are better able to retain their viscosity than other oils when it gets cold outside.

Other Factors To Consider

By now, you should understand how Tucson’s climate can alter your oil change service needs. Still, it’s crucial to know that this isn’t the only factor that can affect your vehicle’s oil change schedule. It’s also a good idea to account for:

How You Drive

The thought of being a severe driver may be alarming, but this isn’t anything abnormal. Everyday driving habits, like driving on dirt roads, traveling long distances at speeds below 50 mph, and towing a trailer, all fall into this category. Increasing the frequency of Tucson oil changes can mitigate the impact of these habits on your vehicle.

Your Vehicle’s Age

Even if you don’t have any severe driving habits, you might need an oil change service earlier than expected if your car has been on the road for a while. As engines age, they become less adept at using oil due to accumulated metal and debris.

Signs of Vehicle Troubles

Lastly, you should always be on the lookout for oil-related red flags, like dirty oil, strange noises from your engine, exhaust pipe smoke, and an active check engine light. If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait another minute — schedule a service appointment immediately.

What Oil Type Is Best for Arizona Drivers?Tucson mechanic pouring oil into car engine during an oil change service

Before scheduling an oil change, Tucson residents should know what type of motor oil they want to use. The two primary oil types on the market are conventional and full synthetic oil, and one of these products is much better at dealing with extreme temperatures than the other.

Conventional oil is the most widely used and affordable oil type, but its lower performance standards partially mitigate these benefits. This form of oil isn’t great at handling temperature swings. It can easily harden in cold weather and will quickly get thinner in hot temperatures.

In contrast, full synthetic oil can meet much higher performance standards than conventional oil. This oil type delivers reliable performance in extreme heat and cold, making it an excellent choice for motorists seeking an oil change in Tucson.

Get the Best Tucson Oil Change

If you need an oil change service at any time of year, you deserve to get it from a local Tucson auto repair shop that will treat you right. Sadly, not every shop in Tucson fits this description — if you aren’t careful, you could get shoddy workmanship or inflated prices the next time you schedule an oil change.

At BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers, we offer full-service oil changes handled by ASE-certified mechanics. Plus, you’ll even have a chance to save with our coupons and oil change specials, plus financing options. Take the first step towards preparing your car for Tucson’s winter and summer temperatures by booking an appointment today!

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