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Count on the BRAKEmax brake repair and service experts at our Green Valley location to keep your brakes in top condition. We have state-of-the-art equipment, ASE-certified mechanics, and ways to save with coupons, special offers, and more.

Brake Inspections and Premium Brake Service in Green Valley, AZ

We offer free complete brake inspections to ensure your brakes are safe for the road and inspect your brakes when you come in for an oil change. Our brake services include a brake fluid flush, brake adp or shoe replacements, lubrication of calipers, drums or rotors, and more.

 Our Green Valley brake pros also offer our premium brake service, which includes:

  • Replacement of premium-grade shoes and/or brake pads
  • Resurfacing of drums and/or rotors where applicable
  • A visual inspection of your brake friction and hydraulic system
  • Checking and repacking of wheel bearings if applicable

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Have Your Brakes Checked Every 6,000 Miles

We recommend regular checks of your brake system to keep your brakes in good condition. If you notice any of these signs of brake trouble, schedule an appointment at our Green Valley auto repair location:

  • Pulling to one side when you apply your brakes
  • A vibration in the brake pedal when braking
  • Grinding, thumping, or squealing noises
  • Puddles of yellow brake fluid under your car or truck
  • Decreasing resistance in the brake pedal
  • More distance needed to bring your vehicle to a complete stop

You may also see that your brake light is on. This may be due to a low brake fluid level, an issue with your anti-lock braking system, a sensor problem, or an electrical issue. Our Green Valley mechanics can determine why your brake light is illuminated and recommend the next steps.

Help Your Brakes Last Longer

All brake systems will wear out over time, but there are several things you can do to get more life from your brakes. Here are some tips to reduce wear and tear:

  • Reduce weight: When you have a heavy load, it takes more pressure from the brakes to slow and stop your vehicle. This causes unnecessary wear.
  • Avoid sudden stops: Allow yourself adequate time and distance to gradually stop your car or truck to lessen wear on your brakes. Coast when you can.
  • Don’t ride your brakes: Even light pressure on your brakes will contribute to wear.
  • Get your brakes inspected regularly: Relatively simple services, such as brake pad replacement, can help prevent more extensive and costly repairs later on. Regular inspections can save you money while making sure your brakes are keeping you safe.

Types of Brake Services

We offer a variety of brake services including:

  • Free, complete brake inspection
  • Brake pad or shoe replacement
  • Lubrication of calipers and hardware, machine drums or rotors
  • Brake fluid flush

After a brake service is completed, our experienced technicians will test drive your vehicle to ensure everything is working properly.

What Parts Make Up a Brake System?

The modern brake system typically consists of disc brakes on the front and rear, although some still have drum brakes on the rear. However, since disc brakes are more efficient, they are becoming the standard for all four wheels. The principles of brake operation are as follows: hydraulic fluid is pushed through the brake lines to actuate the pistons in a caliper, which squeezes against a disc in order to stop the vehicle.

Get a Free Brake Repair Estimate

We will gladly provide an initial quote on our brake services prior to your appointment. Once we’ve inspected your brake system, we will be able to give you a final quote. No work will begin until you’ve approved your estimate.

Concierge Services

We understand how imperative it is that your vehicle is in proper working order. Because of this, we are introducing a new program designed with your security in mind.

The BRAKEmax Delivery Program is a no-cost concierge service to help you eliminate unnecessary trips outside your home. We will pick up your car from your location (within three miles of BRAKEmax) and return it to you free of charge after services have been completed.

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Your peace of mind is as important to us as it is to you. We promise to continue to do everything in our power to eliminate uncertainties and make your life easier. We hope that the BRAKEmax Delivery Program demonstrates our commitment to you, ensuring that you can safely be on the road when you need to be. BRAKEmax is Green Valley’s choice for tire services and repairs, oil changes, auto AC repair, and more.


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Brake Services in Green Valley, AZ FAQs

What’s included in premium brake service at BRAKEmax in Green Valley?

BRAKEmax’s premium brake service includes:

  • A thorough visual inspection of the hydraulic and brake friction system
  • Resurfacing of rotors and/or drums as needed
  • Replacement of premium-grade brake shoes and/or brake pads
  • A check of wheel bearings, and repacking if applicable

What do brake pads do?

The brake pads in a disc brake system are an integral part of stopping a car. The brake calipers cause the pads to put pressure onto the rotor, which is a rotating disc. This slows the wheels down and makes the vehicle stop. 

In a drum brake system, brake pads are referred to as brake shoes, but the action is the same.

Over time, the friction caused by the pads (or shoes) pressing onto the rotor, as well as the heat generated, wear down the pads. This is why brake pad replacement is, at some point, a normal part of every car’s brake maintenance requirements.

Why do rotors need to be turned?

Friction and the heat generated while braking cause the metal rotors to warp, just as they wear down brake pads. When the brake pads are replaced, the brake technician will also turn or resurface the rotors if there is enough metal left to do so safely. If a rotor is too thin to be resurfaced, our technician will discuss replacement with you.

Does brake fluid need to be changed regularly?

Yes, but not as often as the mechanical parts of the brake system. You can check the fluid levels yourself periodically but our brake specialist checks it during routine maintenance appointments.  

It does need to be checked regularly because when the brake fluid is low or dirty, the pads won’t act as efficiently as they should. The brake pads will be worn unevenly if there isn’t enough fluid or the fluid is dirty. 

How often do brakes need to be replaced?

It depends. Your first source of information is your owner’s manual; you will find the manufacturer’s recommendation there. However, your driving habits also affect how often your brakes need to be replaced. If you regularly drive fast and brake hard, it is likely your brakes will wear faster. If you drive more than average, your brakes are wearing faster, too. 

BRAKEmax offers free brake inspections at our Green Valley location, so take advantage of this service.  Make sure your brakes are in top order before you hit the road!

How much will it cost to replace my brakes?

We won’t do any work before we discuss it with you. Our service staff can give you a quote based on the average range for brake work. Then we will inspect your brakes thoroughly and give you a final estimate based on our inspection. 

At BRAKEmax, we know car repairs can sometimes be difficult to fit into your budget. We offer financing options and many coupons and specials for all our services, so check those as you make your plans for any services you may need.