Oil Change Service

How Often Should I Get an Oil Change Service?

Due to Tucson’s severe weather, we recommend replacing your engine oil and filter every 3,000 miles or 3 months – whichever comes first.

Why Do You Recommend Replacement of Oil at 3,000 Miles?

Having your oil changed on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car in proper running order. Literally speaking, there is no better way to keep your car in tiptop performance and have it run for hundreds of thousands of miles than to get an oil and filter change.

Is it time to Switch to Synthetic Oil?

Can you switch back-and-forth between synthetic and conventional oils?

Yes, you can switch with no ill effects. However, your engine is best protected when a full synthetic oil is in it.

Types of Oils That We Use

We offer quick oil change services at all of our locations. Our technicians use the following Valvoline products for our services:

  • Valvoline Premium Conventional
  • Valvoline Synthetic Blend
  • Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil

Valvoline Premium Conventional

Valvoline Premium Conventional is a synthetic blend motor oil with a combination of high-quality conventional and synthetic base oils and additives to provide better protection for severe driving conditions (such as stop-and-go driving, frequent short trips, extreme temperatures, idling and towing) than conventional oil. Valvoline Premium Conventional keeps pistons up to 10% cleaner than the toughest industry standard and helps clean out sludge lesser oils leave behind.

Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil for high mileage

What exactly is a high mileage oil?

High mileage oil is designed for vehicles that would otherwise use conventional oil, but have leaks and increased oil consumption due to worn components and age.

Cleansing and Protection for High Mileage Engines.

Next-generation Full Synthetic Oil Vehicle motor oil helps clean out sludge lesser oils leave behind and helps reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage engines. It is specifically designed for vehicles over 75,000 miles.

Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil

Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil represents the latest advancements in engine lubrication technology. The base oil is clear and has fewer impurities found in crude oil.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, that’s a persistent myth that is untrue.  Although the best oil for your vehicle may be synthetic, changing back and forth doesn’t cause any problems.

Synthetic oil has a more uniform molecular structure which flows more freely and with less friction than organic oil.  This allows it to flow more freely through the tighter spaces prevalent in modern engines.

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