Car AC Repair in Tucson, AZ

Is your air conditioning system blowing hot air? If so, it needs to be inspected by a qualified professional. You can cause damage to an air conditioning system, which isn’t blowing cold by engaging the compressor or merely ‘topping off’ the refrigerant. There are a number of factors that can cause an ac system to work inefficiently or improperly – some mechanical, some chemical. To get to the root problem, schedule an auto ac repair.

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Car Air Conditioning Services in Tucson

A properly functioning air conditioning system is a must in Tucson, especially during the summer months. If your car is failing to cool, bring it BRAKEmax for an air conditioning service. Our ASE-certified technicians will inspect the physical components of the system for leaks, the fittings on the connections and service ports, and look for any other signs of trouble. During this inspection, a technician will determine if you need an auto air conditioning repair.

Cabin/Air Conditioning Filter Replacement

Your air conditioning filter can affect your system’s performance. A clogged cabin air filter causes your blower motor to overwork, overheat, and suffer from premature failure. Not to mention the fact that impeded airflow requires you to turn your AC up higher, having yet another negative impact on your fuel economy. BRAKEmax can replace your air cabin filter and help restore your AC system to its normal function.

AC System Basics

The air conditioning system in the modern automobile is tremendously complex. There are a number of parts, which comprise your system, such as the compressor, receiver/drier (accumulator), orifice tube or expansion valve (filter) and more. Watch this video to learn how your air conditioning functions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe not.  In many cases, warm air is caused by a lack of refrigerant in the system.  This refrigerant can leak out when the vehicle isn’t used much, or when there is a compromise in the system (like a hose leak or a faulty service port).  In many cases, a basic evacuation and recharge can get your system back to being cool.

We don’t recommend it.  Every vehicle is a little different and the system capacity varies as well. Some systems may take only a few ounces of refrigerant – some may need more.  Without evacuating the system, it is unknown how much refrigerant is in the system and over-charging may occur.  Over-charging can be just as bad as an under-charged system.

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