Tire Repair Tucson, AZ

BRAKEmax associates are trained to follow the proper tire repair techniques set by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA). Some of these guidelines include an inner seal for the tire and a plug-fill for the tire injury (meaning, a simple plug is not sufficient), disallowing repairs to the sidewall of a tire, or tire repairs that overlap on the inner liner.  Failure to follow these guidelines can result in an unsafe condition. As a rule, our tire repair shop follows all RMA guidelines when servicing tires. After all, our families are on the same roads as your families.

Brakemax offers tire repair service in Tucson, AZ

Frequently Asked Questions

No – Rubber Manufacturer Association guidelines prohibit unsafe repair procedures like using an old-fashioned ‘plug’.  The proper procedure calls for the internal application of a plug-patch, which both seals the lining and fills the void left by whatever damaged the tire.

No – and you shouldn’t buy them, either!  Used tires are not guaranteed to be safe because you have no way of knowing what kind of service life they’ve seen.

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